Powder Coating Service

Over the years we have developed many of our own powder coating techniques. Our equipment has evolved over the years, we used to have the big conveyor ovens and batch ovens, but we found that large heavy parts would need a oven sixty feet long to do these parts with a reasonable amount of line speed to cure. We decided to modify our batch oven to serve both high speed production runs and large parts. Our oven has the capability of doing a part 24’ long 7’ wide and 8’ high, it has several rails entering it which has the equivalent of an oven 96’ long. As a result we are able to run large heavy parts much faster because we have so much curing capacity. This capability has really helped us keep our operating cost down and also our prices.

Over the years we have developed many relationships with fabricators, Stampers, Machinist and engineers. We may be able to help you to do your parts turnkey.